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Orchestra and Large Ensemble


Symphony Orchestra

Concerto for Saw, String Orchestra and Pandemonium of Saws
Musical Saw, String Orchestra, and Percussion

Dizziness and Silence

Wind Orchestra


Evil Magician

Tenor and Orchestra

(winner of the 2009 AASO Composition Prize)

Evil Witch

Soprano and Orchestra


Ten Brass, Marimba and Bass Drum

(commissioned for the celebration of Sir Charles Mackerras' life)

Orchestral Variations

Symphony Orchestra

(winner of the 2008 AASO Composition Prize)

Our Journey

4 Trumpets, Alto Sax, F Horn, 3 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba, 3 Percussion, Actor, 3 Solo Voices, SATB Choir
(Hymn for Anglia Ruskin University's 25th Anniversary)

Soaku's Revenge

Symphony Orchestra

(winner of the 2006 AASO Composition Prize)


Through a Distant Viewer's Eye

String Orchestra



Symphony Orchestra

Opera, Music Theatre and Vocal


SATB Choir a cappella


Au Cafe' des Artistes 

Music-Theatre for Mezzo, Baritone and Piano


Even you, lights, cannot hear me

Musico-Theatrical Metonymy for Mezzo and Bass Doubling on One Piano, Pebbles and Water (30 min)

E' dopo la fine di ogni storia

Music-Theatre for Actor, Piano and Off-stage Voices (1h)

Faust, Alberta

Metaphysical Opera for Baritone and Four Musicians (1h 10 min)


Instrumental Music and Soundscapes for Immersive Theatre

I Lost a Friend, I Lost my Love 

for Countertenor and Chamber Orchestra

It Makes No Difference 

Opera for Soloists, Choir, Infiltrators and Chamber Orchestra (1h 20 min)

It Makes No Difference (chamber version)

Scenes for Mezzo, Tenor, 2 Basses and Clarinet (20 min)

La Confessione di Yoshiko Shioda 

Musical Action for flute, bassoon, harp, and portable radio


Open Score for Violin and Narrator

Mr Baldocci

Existentialist music-theatre for acting pianist, answerphone machine, stereo, and scenic props

for Gabriele Baldocci

Non ho dormito in questa notte mai 

Musical Action for Violin, Soprano Sax and Piano (13min)

Nothing but dust 

Musical Action for choir, two soloists, piano, four metronomes, and a vinyl player (13min)


Chamber Opera in One Act for 2 Sopranos, Violin, Viola and Harp (15 min)

(winner of the 2009 Philip Bates Composition Prize)


a Mini-Opera for Four Voices (3 min)
(commissioned for The Ruskin Songbook)  
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The Graduates 

Musical for pop voices, strings, brass and pop band (1h 30 min)

The Winter Queen of Bohemia

for 3 Sopranos and 3 Wine Glasses

The Colour Blue

Musico-Theatrical Metonymy for four Singers, four Musicians and two Actors (50min)

Three Folk Songs after Berio

Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Violoncello, Harp, and Percussion

Told by you

for 3 String Ensembles, 3 Soloists, Narrator, Audience Participation


Wearable Graphic Scores for One Acting Singer 

Two Dimes 

SATB Voice Quartet a cappella

Variations on Purcell’s ‘When I am laid’ from Dido and Aeneas 

Solo Soprano

Chamber Ensemble

A Monologue with Radios

Clarinet, 2 Radios, 2 Violins, 2 Violias, 2 Cellos

Carlita y Pilar 

2 Clarinets and Percussion



Wind Quintet and Party Squeakers


Ellittico, di Beffe e Elegie

Violin, Clarinet and Piano Trio

Gimnopedia Rapsodica

Piccolo, Flute, Two Harps, Celesta, and Speaking Voice 

Homage to Charlie Chaplin’s City Light

Brass Quintet


La Luna nel Pozzo

Ten Violas


Le Tavole del Peccato

Flute, Alto Sax and Harp


Low Strings Drama

Musical Drama in Eleven Variations for Viola and Violoncello


Sax Quartet / Clarinet Choir


Preludio Cascate 

Piano Trio



Percussion Quartet


Suite di Danze, Ricordi e Rituali

Violin and Contrabass

(winner of the 2011 Recital Music Composition Prize)

String Quartets

A Nightmare’s Fascinating Side


Dice Faces


Fantasia on 'Labbra di foco!' from Verdi's Falstaff


Fugue on a theme from Handel's Rinaldo


Introduction and Andante on 'Polly Vaughan' Theme 

Through a distant viewer's eye

Solos and Duos


Mezzo Soprano Solo


Con le Mani Piene di Vento 

Harp Solo


D'Hubert et Feraud

Violin and Piano


Dystopian World
Two Vibraphones 

Drops of Candle Wax 

Violin Solo


Low Strings Drama

Viola and Violoncello


Two Violins / Two Violas



Contrabass and Piano


Ritrovare. Ricercare

Violin Solo


Prepared Harp Solo

The Squonk

Violin Solo, for The Album of Imaginary Beings

Music for Piano



Dystopian World
in honour of all those empty streets, spaces and cities following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic


', couche dans l'herbe et dans la lumière de la lune'


Le Naufrage' au Soleil Couchant


Little Universes


Lontani Bagliori


Rhapsodic Fantasia on themes from Liszt's Sonata


Three Survivors




Alice in Wonderland

Chamber Ensemble and Electronics

Embryonic Steps 

Two Electric Guitars


In Sign 

Fantasia on Schubert's Ave Maria for Piano


Once You’re Gone 

String Quartet


The Tempest

String Quartet and Percussion



Three Pianos and Electronics


Voices from Under Surface 

Violoncello and Three Contrabasses

Loops' Theatre Project

Loops Game 1 'Opening'

Piano, Electronics, Joystick, Cooking Pans, Synt, Boomwackers

Loops Game 2

Electronics, Prepared Piano, Cans and Plastic Cups


Loops Game 3

Piano, Electronics, Electric Guitar, Mechanic Wheel, Synt, Joystick, Megaphone

Loops Game 4 'Inno d'Italia'

Piano, Electronics, Electric Guitar, Prepared Video


Loops Game 5 'La Spazzatura dei Desideri'

Piano, Electronics, Cans, Synt, Voice, Joystick, Boomwackers

Impro 1 - Prepared Piano and Electronics


Impro 2 - Prepared Piano and Electronics

Film and Music for Images

A Favourite Place (Violin and Piano)

Soundtrack for a film by Jep Domingo


Closure (Mezzo Soprano and Violoncello)

Soundtrack for a film by Enrico Poli

- Saper guardar, dover sentir

- Ti incontro ancor

- Illusione

- La bellezza e' l'elisir


Dedicatoria (Piano and String Orchestra)

Mir Faberge'

- The Oriental Mechanical Bird and the Performer (Violin and Percussion)

- The Gipsy Fortune Teller and the King Bear (Violin Solo)

- Nijinsky and the Diamonds (2 Violins)

- The Solyanka Street Jewellery Discovery (Violin and Piano)

- Parisian Workmaster Magician (6 Violins)

- The Ottoman Love Affair (Violin and Piano)


Love, Tormented Love (Violin, Cello, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar)

Nijinsky and the Diamonds / Air Flight - Body Shock (2 Violins)

Soundtrack for Air Flight - Body Shock by Valery Katsuba


NSOSV (Tenor Sax, Contrabass, Piano and Percussion)

Soundtrack for Strade del Cinema Festival 2005


Kubrick Dance (Orchestra)

Remake of Kubrick’s Shining

Shelter (Commercial) (Piano Solo)


Souls to Squeeze (Piano and Electronics)
Soundtrack on images by Mirko De Nicolo', University of East London Exhibition


Suite on Themes from Mozart's Magic Flute (Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet)

Soundtrack for The Music Shoot, a film by Luc Mollinger

- Ouverture

- N.3 Aria

- N.14 Aria

- N.17 Aria

- N.15 Aria

- Finale


Through a distant viewer's eye (String Quartet)

for the Battle of Britain Memorial Project

Trapped (Piano and Electronics)

Soundtrack for a film by Jean-Claude Deguara

Arrangements and Transcriptions

Ballade Fantastique (Henriette Renie')

Transcribed for Harp and String Quartet


Doppleganger (Barry Gray)

Film Music Transcribed for Orchestra


Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 537 (J.S. Bach)

Transcribed for Orchestra


Houston (David Benoit)

Arranged for String Orchestra


Inferno, Divina Commedia (R. M. Pepe)

Vocal Score transcribed for Full Orchestra


Innuendo (Queen)

Piano Transcription


La Muerte del Angel (A. Piazzolla)

Arranged for Wind Quintet


Piano Quartet in G minor, op.25 (J. Brahms)

Transcribed for Orchestra


Secret Service (Barry Gray)

Film Music Transcribed for 8 Voices and Ensemble


Seranata (Giovanni Barrea)

Arranged for Voice and Folk Band


Space 1999 (Barry Gray) 

Film Music Transcribed for Orchestra


Super Car (Barry Gray)

Film Music Transcribed for Choir and Orchestra


UFO (Barry Gray)

Film Music Transcribed for Orchestra


Almendras Milk

Jazz Combo and Big Band


Cuddle Toys' Parade

Big Band



Voice and Jazz Ensemble



Standard Format


Metropolis 1926

Brass and Percussions Orchestra



Jazz Combo


Suite Dorica 

Trumpet, Trombone, Alto Sax and Baritone Sax


When a Day Has No Sun 

Standard Format

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