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Simone Spagnolo's Carnascialesco, for Wind Quintet and Party Squeakers is to be published soon, in 2020, by Forton Music. Copies will be available through Forton Music's website. 

Polymath, Simone's composition for voice quartet, can be found in The Ruskin Songbook, published be Ruskin Arts and available for purchase on Amazon.

Buy & Hire

You can buy and/or hire Simone's scores through a simple online transaction, using the PayPal botton below.

To enquire for scores' availability and prices please send an email to including:

-title of score(s)

-quantity of scores needed

-whether you would like to buy or hire them

-whether you would like to receive parts (if applicable)

-your personal details (e.g. name, surname, email/telephone)

-your address details for delivery

-reason of interest (e.g. study, performance, research, gift)

-any other detail, question or comment (if applicable)

Please allow a few days for processing your enquiry. Your data will be considered only for purchasing and/or hiring scores. You will be emailed back with prices and any additional info regarding your request.

Terms and Information

Scores are always printed on handy, wire bound paper ready for performance. Score sizes may vary from A4 to A3. Any marking on scores and parts for hire should be made with light pencil and rubbed off before returning the material.

Prices depend on printing costs, size of scores, quantity needed, whether the request is for buying or hiring, whether parts are required, and posting costs. Prices will always include postage fees.

Once you forward your request, you will be emailed back with purchase costs and then decide whether to place an order. Delivery method is via ordinary first class mail. Please allow two or three weeks for delivery, as this will depend on distance. If any other method of delivery is required please specify it in you email.