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Commissioned by Dance Ahead, and created in collaboration with choreographers  Zoë Leigh Gadd and Adam Russell, Virgin Trains, University of Cumbria and funded by the Arts Council England, #HiddenSpaces15 was an immersive theatre performances beneath Carlisle Railway Station, in the Undercroft. 
Simone's music included both instrumental music and pre-recorded soundscapes. These took place simultaneously in multiple locations, interweaving, accompanying the audience immersive journey.

Collaborators included:

Opera singer Victoria Barbé, costume mistress Jen Bibby, playwright Grace Bridgewater, physical theatre practitioner Gill Roncarelli, Performing Arts students from the University of Cumbria.

This production was supported by:

Arts Council England, Virgin Trains, University of Cumbria, Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Community Foundartion. 

More info available on Dance Ahead

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