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Simone Spagnolo has composed music for seven ballets which have been performed in venues and festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe, The Shunt, Cloud Dance Festival, and Bonnie Bird Theatre, among others.

Choreographers Simone has worked with include Paola Di Bella, Zoe Gadd, Laura Galioto, Danielle Griffin, and Eleonora Pennacchini.

List of Ballets

Alice in Wonderland

Chamber Ensemble and Electronics

Embryonic Steps ​

Two Electric Guitars


In Sign 

Fantasia on Schubert's Ave Maria for Piano


Once You’re Gone 

String Quartet


The Tempest

String Quartet and Percussion



Three Pianos and Electronics

available on Spotify and all other music platforms


Voices from Under Surface 

Violoncello and Three Contrabasses

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