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Told By You

Told By You is an open score for three string ensembles, three soloists, a narrator and audience narrative participation.

This piece is the fruit of a collaboration between composer Simone Spagnolo, director Helen Eastman, conductor and Head of Strings at Trinity Laban Conservatoire Nicholas Pendlebury, and Trinity Laban String Ensemble. Told By You was developed and performed as part of CoLab, at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, in February 2013.

The piece is composed of musical fragments assigned to three ensembles and three graphic scores to be played by string soloists.
The score makes use of unconventional notation, including graphic scores and shared parts. The conductor, almost as a director, has the task of selecting the musical fragments to be played, the order in which these are played, and eventually the structure of the piece. His choices have to be performed in real time, as the piece unfolds, in line with the narrator’s words, who, in turn, reads textual material provided by audience. 

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