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Loops Theatre Project

Loops’ Theatre Project was born from a collaboration between composer Simone Spagnolo and digital technologist Michele Panegrossi. The project was originally commissioned by ElettroEco for a special performance presented at Campania Eco Festival, Italy, in 2011.


This project aimed to put forward the themes of recycling and ecology through musical and artistically experimental means. 

Loops’ Theatre Project's music drew inspiration and built upon recycling object, items destined to the trash, generating sounds, noises, and even robotic machineries able to play. As part of the project, Spagnolo and Panegrossi exploited broken circuits, obsolete mechanisms, as well as common tools, obtaining sounds, rhythms and melodies.  

At the same time, musical-rhythmical loops were widely applied to both Simone Spagnolo's piano textures and Michele Panegrossi's electronic inventions, activating ingenious manipulations able to give life to live music from recycling material. 

Below are two music examples from Loops’ Theatre Project.

Loops Game 2Simone Spagnolo and Michele Panegrossi
00:00 / 01:04
Loops Game 3Simone Spagnolo and Michele Panegrossi
00:00 / 04:31
Solo-Loops' Theatre Project.jpg
LTP Profilo.jpg
Simone at Piano.JPG
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