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All Rest

Specially commissioned by Alison Wells for 2024 St Mary’s Music Festival, All Rest offers an itinerant, site-specific performance portraying a fictional dreamscape about the people dwelling in St Mary’s the Virgin, Wanstead.

Six characters and a chorus of ghosts take the audience on a journey through the grounds, the graveyard and the church of St Mary’s, offering a glimpse of past and future images, as well as individual and shared moments.

With music by Simone Spagnolo and text by Serena Braida, All Rest is scored for six opera singers, choir, flute, violin, organ, and protable radio speakers. 

The premiere performance took place on 27th May 2024. Further performances will take palce at 2024 Wanstead Fringe Festival.

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Wansteadium Review

WANSTEADIUM, May 2024 ★★★★★

The composition, staging and performance were of a standard rarely seen in these parts " (Austin Allegro)

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