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It Makes No Difference

A Narrator, a book, toy-balls, a knife and a gun, common people and infiltrators: It Makes No Difference is an operatic spectacle that articulates through patterns of non-linearity and multi-narrative, whilst playing with dramaturgical and mnemonic implications. The libretto is composed by extracts taken from Calvino, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Goethe, newspapers, and other narrative and academic sources.
It M
akes No Difference aims to metaphorically represent the Italian and European socio-political condition at the time of the composition - the early 2010s - focusing on matters regarding guilt, truth and post-truth. At the same time, continuing an Italian operatic trend established in the second half of the twentieth century, It Makes No Difference develops Umberto Eco’s idea of opera aperta (open work), ultimately proposing a dramaturgical language made of allusions, references, signs, and non-said words that intend to stimulate individual interpretations.


It Makes No Difference was presented at 2012 Tête à Tête Festival (Riverside Studios, London) and subsequently at Laban Studio Theatre, Greenwich, as part of Trinity Laban Conservatoire's Opera Scenes in 2013. 

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Selected Reviews

THE UPCOMING, August 2012 ★★★★★

the layers of orchestration are at times really moving " (Eleanor MacFarlane)


"lush and flowing music, with edges both of wildness and of formalism"

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