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Even you, lights, cannot hear me

Exploring a futuristic and elegiac vision of the end of time, Even you, lights, cannot hear me is a new operatic spectacle based on a monologue from Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull. Two singers, depicted as two beings embodied into one entity, wander a surreal, yet exquisite cosmos, in which nothingness and wholeness coexist, timelessly.

Composed by award-winning artist Simone Spagnolo, this work originally arises from a concept by Simone Spagnolo and Dimitry Devdariani, with the wish to give a whole new life to Chekhov’s powerful writing, whilst challenging the contemporary notion of opera and music-theatre.

Try to imagine a spaceless world, where a two-headed creature sings, and the sound of a piano echoes through all its keys: this is the world of Even you, lights, cannot hear me. An operatic experience, an inextricable blend of music and theatre: a glimpse of life after the world’s end. Scored for two opera singers doubling on piano and pebbles, this work was premiered in 2016 at NSH Arts.
Subsequently, it made its debut at Opera in the City Festival, London, with five-star-review performances feature the mezzo-soprano Kate Symonds-Joy and baritone James Schouten. 

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Selected Reviews


OPERISSIMA, August 2017 ★★★★★
“Spagnolo’s music both stimulates and satisfies the ear, at once modern, eerie andundeniably beautiful.”

LIVE THEATRE UK, August 2017 ★★★★★
“The subject matter is a hard ask: just as in Milton’s vision of Heaven, it is tough tobring the ineffable to memorable dramatic and musical life. But if a combination of wholenessand nothingness can be depicted at all there is no reason to suppose that it would not sound likethis etiolated and astringent sound-world where time is suspended too. This is a piece thatdefinitely requires more than one hearing to reveal its various layers. One hopes that it will betaken up by other companies

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